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Sweet Bouquet: The beautiful look and its enticing floral scent provides a pleasant and relaxing cleansing experience for the business and casual traveler alike. The attractive looking silver wrapper conveys the idea of being in a tranquil environment, refreshing for the start of a new day, or and relaxing at the end of a busy day. Invites the guest to enjoy the quality of this soap and accompanying amenity liquids. We are confident it is a fine addition to your amenity programs. It will make you proud and make you good money too. Go for it NOW!

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Beach Mist Hotel Amenities

Beach Mist™ Shoreline Collection

Graced by a pleasant mild scent, the smooth foamy feel of Beach Mist provides a gentle soothing touch to the skin. The attractive looking wrapper theme conveys the idea of being at a tranquil shoreline resort easily found along the seas, lakes and rivers. After a day full of rest or action on the beach, Beach Mist invites the guest to take an invigorating and refreshing shower or wash. We are confident that Beach Mist is an addition to your fine product line that will make you both proud AND will make you good money too.

Lively Palm Tree logo in green and blue makes this cost effective amenities line perfect for tropical and beach properties.

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